About A Fast Closing Garage Door & Torsion Spring Problems

Posted on: 5 January 2016

Are you concerned because your garage door closes fast and hits the ground before stopping? You may be dealing with a major torsion spring problem that can be dangerous if you don't get it fixed by a repair specialist in a prompt manner. Below, learn important things about a garage door that moves faster than it should so you can determine how to go about fixing the problem.

What Leads to a Garage Door Closing Fast & Hitting the Ground?

A problem with a garage door moving fast and hitting the ground is directly related to the torsion springs. You can find the springs located at the top of your garage door. One of the jobs of the springs is to maintain controlled movement of the garage door by carrying the weight as it is opened and closed. Another important job of the springs is to prevent the door from closing to the extent of hitting the ground. The problem with your garage door is likely happening because one or both of the springs has unraveled a lot.

How Should Unraveled Torsion Springs Be Fixed?

It is very important for you to not attempt repairing the unraveled torsion springs on your own, especially if you have never done it before. The reason a torsion spring repair should be handled by a trained professional is because there is a lot of danger involved with the task. For instance, torsion springs are under large amounts of tension at all times due to the garage door being so heavy. The springs can easy break loose during a repair and swing into your body, which can cause a bad injury from the excessive amount of force. You can also end up with damage being done to your car if it is in the garage while the repair is being made.

Will a Garage Door Contractor Repair or Replace the Torsion Springs?

The extent of damage that the torsion springs have will determine if they will be repaired or replaced. In order for the unraveled springs to be repaired, they must be able to recoil, as that is how the speed of your door will become regulated again. The contractor will have to install new springs if they remain unraveled or have a lot of rust on them from being old. Talk to a contractor, such as Casp Enterprises Ltd Garage Door Openers, if you notice that your door isn't opening properly.