2 Important Considerations When Buying New Garage Doors

Posted on: 25 April 2017

Garage doors are usually a very important part of the style of your home exterior. On many homes the garage sticks out and is the closest part of the house to the sidewalk. It really is often the first thing that people see when they pass your house. There are many reasons to invest in new garage doors besides just updating your home style. New garage doors can also make your actual garage space more usable by adding insulation and making it more comfortable. No matter what your motivation for investing in new garage doors, there are quite a few options that you need to weigh. Here are two considerations to take into account before making ordering your product.

Are Windows a Good Idea?

Many people love the look of windows in the top panel of their garage door. This makes their garage door look more stylish and lets light into the space. However, there are quite a few potential drawbacks. First and foremost, many homeowners end up not liking the lack of privacy. This is not because anything is going on in the garage, it is just that many people don't like nosey people seeing what they have in their garage. Since many households use their garage as a storage room, they end up keeping the space rather dirty. When you have windows, people can see into your garage and see all of your stored things. At night, when the lights inside your garage are on, this stuff becomes extremely visible. This can also be a risk if you have valuable things in your garage and need to worry about theft or burglary.

Is it Smart to Add Extra Insulation?

Most garage door manufacturers offer all of their products in a range of different insulation levels. That is, the actual panels are the same size, thickness and weight, but they can be padded with fiberglass or foam insulation on the inside. This obviously makes it easier to control the temperature inside your garage. This is valuable to people who use their garage for crafts, games, car repair or just hanging out. Basically, if you spend a fair amount of time in your garage, it might be worth spending a little extra money to get doors that have extra insulation.

Garage doors are a smart investment, but make sure you find a product that fits your needs. You want your doors to not only be stylish, but also private and energy efficient. Contact a garage door installation company for more information.