4 Reasons To Install A "Smart" Garage Door

Posted on: 7 May 2017

Garage doors generally provide the main entrance to the home for homeowners since most homeowners park their vehicles in the garage and then enter their home through the door that attaches the garage to the home. Since garage doors are used so heavily in this way, you want to always have the best features. Nowadays, garage doors can be controlled through an app in your home. These are called "smart" garage doors. Here are four reasons you should consider installing one:

  1. Receive Alerts: For security reasons, this benefit is probably the best since you can receive alerts about your garage door. You can receive alerts for when the garage door is open, partially open, or closed. You are definitely going to want to receive alerts for when the garage door is open or partially opened since this can compromise security if you are not sure who would've opened or partially opened the garage door. At this point, you can alert the authorities if need be.

  2. Access Your Garage Door: You might not always have your garage door remote on hand, but you are probably always going to have your phone, which means access to the app for your garage door. You can use your app to open and close your garage door, as well as check if there is any activity around or in your garage that is suspicious. This is especially beneficial if you are traveling and may have forgotten to close the garage door. 

  3. Video Monitoring: This brings you to video monitoring of your garage. Through the app, you are able to monitor whether or not there is someone in your garage. It's definitely helpful to check this when you have received an alert that your garage door has been opened or closed. Then you can know whether or not the authorities need to be alerted. 

  4. Share Your Access: To ensure that everyone in your family can utilize the garage door, you can be sure that they are all able to install the app and utilize the features that come with it, as well. This way, no one is left stranded should they not have the garage remote on hand. This is great for safety reasons, as well.

When you know these four reasons a "smart" garage door can be useful, you can see why installing the feature can start benefiting you, your family, and the safety of your home today. For more information, you will want to check out http://garagedoorsofnaples.com/.