Tips To Follow When Replacing Your Garage Door

Posted on: 14 June 2017

An automatic garage door is an extremely useful feature for your home. However, garage door installation can be an intimidating and complicated task that will eventually have to be done. In order to make sure that this improvement project goes smoothly and you get good value for your money, you will need to be particularly mindful of a few considerations.  

Understand The Role A Garage Door Will Have On Your Home's Comfort

Individuals will frequently think that their garage door will not have a major impact on the comfort inside their house. However, a garage door that has major gaps in it can be remarkably energy inefficient, and this can lead to a number of comfort issues. This will be particularly noticeable during the winter and summer months when the temperature approaches the extremes. You will be able to minimize these negative effects by choosing a garage door that is well insulated. Furthermore, you may want to add supplementary weatherstripping to the door so that any drafts are minimized.

Consider The Maintenance Expenses And Needs The Garage Door Will Have

It can be easy to simply focus most of your attention on the purchase and installation costs of replacing the garage door. While these expenses will certainly be major investments in the home, there are also maintenance needs that will need to be considered in the lifetime ownership costs. For example, wood doors will have to be sealed every couple of years. In contrast, vinyl garage doors are extremely durable, and they will only require washing to keep them clean and aesthetically attractive. Fortunately, your garage door provider will be able to help you calculate the yearly maintenance costs for each type of material that you are considering so that you know what type of expenses you should expect.

Appreciate The Value Of An Extended Warranty Or Service Agreement

A garage door opener is highly complicated, and it will be tasked with lifting the intense weight of the door. For those that have multiple drivers in the house, this can lead to the garage door being used every few hours on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, this can wear down the components of the system, which will lead to the system suffering malfunctions. You can help to reduce the costs of repairing these issues by investing in an extended warranty. If the manufacturer of the garage door does not offer extended warranties, you should consider signing a service agreement with the installation service. These agreements will often allow you to enjoy a small discount on the costs of future repairs and service visits.