3 Signs You Should Completely Replace Your Garage Door

Posted on: 23 September 2019

As a homeowner, you will probably have to work with a garage door repair professional every now and then to keep your garage door up and running. However, there are times when homeowners should look into completely replacing their garage door, garage opener, or both instead of just opting for repairs. A few signs that it might be time to completely replace your garage door are listed here. You can always look to a garage door repair and installation professional from a place like Wise Garage Doors for advice and insight about this matter, too.

1. Your Garage Door Is Very Old

Garage doors and garage door opening systems can last for decades with proper care. Once a garage door system becomes too old, though, a replacement might be the right decision. If your garage door is too old, then it might not have the modern safety features that have been put into garage door opening systems to help prevent accidents and to help keep people safe. Also, an old garage door can become increasingly unreliable as time goes on, so a new garage door can provide you with peace of mind. Plus, if you install a new garage door, you can give your home a refreshing facelift to improve its curb appeal and value.

2. Your Garage Door Repair Costs Will Be Expensive

If you were planning on just having your garage door repaired, you may want to get a quote for both the cost of repairs and the cost of replacement first. In some cases, repairs are actually more expensive than a replacement, so a replacement might be the most budget-friendly choice.

3. You Want to Enjoy Increased Energy Efficiency

In some cases, making improvements around the home is a good way to avoid wasting energy. Your existing garage door might use more energy than is necessary. The only thing that you can really do about that -- without replacing your garage door system -- is to ensure that it's kept in good repair and minimize use. Alternatively, though, you can choose a lighter garage door with a more energy-efficient opening system so that you can cut down on energy use. Since you and your family members might use your garage door multiple times per day, this increased energy efficiency can go a long way. Plus, many modern garage doors are more energy-efficient even when they aren't in use since they work well to seal up your garage and cut down on household heating and cooling costs.