Is Your Garage Door Opener Causing Problems? Get A New System With These Features

Posted on: 16 December 2019

A garage door opening system that glitches or has stopped opening can be a concern, and if you are due for an upgrade, be sure you get a great new option. There are many choices when choosing a garage door opening system, and if you worry about security and you like to monitor what is going on at your house, you should look for an opening system with great monitoring features. Look at systems that have all of the following things.

Basic Control Options

The garage door opening system should include the basic control options that are needed for the door, including these things:

  • Openers to keep in a car or purse
  • A keypad outside
  • An opener for the inside of the garage
  • Motion sensors

You want to be able to give the opener control to someone if they need to get in the garage or house while you are on a trip, or have a keypad if someone has to get in and doesn't have a controller.

Wireless Choices

There are a variety of new wireless features for garage door openers. You can get a system that is voice-controlled, that you control from an app on your smartphone, and that has fire detection or gas leak detection. Get alerts when the door is opened or closed or if someone tries to make an attempt to get in by using the keypad and fails multiple times. These wireless controls can help in a bind.

Auto-Lock System

If you fear that someone has stolen a garage door opener remote control or that there has been an issue with someone getting access to the entry code, you want to be able to lock the garage immediately. You want to have an auto-lock option on your cell phone that allows you to prevent the garage door from being to anyone until you take it off the auto-lock yourself. The system will have specific security codes so you can do this.

Have the professionals install the garage door opening system to make sure that the system was installed correctly and that it works properly. This is a great way to not only get the opening system that you need but to also help improve the security and monitoring options for your home. Set a budget and look at the options that are available today, and reach out to businesses like the Raynor Door Company.