4 Factors That Determine How Much A Garage Door Repair Will Cost You

Posted on: 8 March 2022

Handling commercial garage doors is a little different than the residential ones. Commercial ones are often bigger and heavier. Security in the business environment is also crucial, and a faulty one can lead to worse damages and losses. Regular garage maintenance is an excellent way to ensure your door serves you for many years. However, you can only service the door for so long before the regular wear and tear lead to a complete door breakdown. Here are four factors that determine how much it will cost you to repair your garage access system. 

The Level of Door Damage

You can have either minor or significant damage. The extent of the damage depends on the door parts involved. The cost will not be stressful if dealing with minor dents on the panels and other minor fixes. On the other hand, if main components like the opener are damaged or the springs have snapped, you will have to pay more for the repairs. It is best to avoid do-it-yourself repairs for both damage types. Call the technician when the sensors, springs, cables, and other technical mechanisms are broken and need repairs.

The Door Style and Design

The market has countless designs. Some designs are easy to work with when they break, while others need an expert. If you have a complex design with intricate mechanisms, the technician will take their time before troubleshooting and figuring out what could be wrong with yours. They might also need time to get the right products and spares for the repair. These processes will raise the cost of repair significantly. 

The Tools and Materials Used for Repair

The tools and materials used for the garage door repair process also matter a lot. Ideally, you should ensure you use top-quality replacement parts so the door will not break down after several months. Also, the material type determines the cost of the materials used in the repair process. Wooden types might need more expensive tools and spares to repair. Steel alternatives are cheaper and will not cost as much to repair.

The Technician's Charge

The money charged by the technician also matters. Different companies have their rules about the service charge. Some could make you pay more for emergency repairs while others don't. 

The cost of repairing commercial doors depends on these factors, among others. It is best to speak to a trusted and reliable company to manage the repairs for you for the best outcome. 

For more information, contact a local garage door repair company.