Primary Garage Door Repair Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted on: 13 September 2022

Like most homeowners, you probably give your garage door little attention. This is often the case because garage doors are designed to last many years and require minimal maintenance. But, there are times when the door will not function as expected. You might hear a funny sound, notice an unusual motion when opening or locking the door, or the door may not function at all. This is the time you will need garage door repair service. 

The quicker you are at seeking garage door repair services, the longer your door will last and keep your home safe. Here are signs the garage door is faulty and needs repairs.

Noisy Door

If you have a faulty garage door, you may start hearing strange noises every time you use it. This is an obvious sign that the garage door requires repairs, so pay attention. Repairs will depend on the type of noise the garage door makes. A rumbling noise could mean you have an issue with torsion springs. 

Rattling often occurs when there are loose bolts or nuts along the track. Screeches indicate loose parts or oiling problems. Also, grinding is a sign of roller lubrication issues, while squealing suggests the door isn't balanced.

Don't ignore any of these noises because the problem could worsen, and you may have an accident. It's better to immediately call the repair technician to fix the issue before it causes major property damage or bodily harm.

Non-Responsive Opener

This is another problem you may face as you continue to use your garage door. You push a button, and nothing happens, and no matter how many times you repeat this, you still get no response. 

Replacing the batteries can solve the problem, but you will need to contact a technician if this doesn't work. The chances are that you have a wiring problem. The garage door professional you hire will identify the problem with the opener or motor and check the condition of other components. The broken parts can be refurbished or replaced.

Door Slipping Off Track

To function optimally, the garage door must stick to the tracks on the two sides. Whenever the door slides and slips off the track as you try to open or shut it, you should get the repairs done immediately. A door that keeps sliding off the track not only weakens the home's security system but also increases safety risks.

This issue occurs due to various reasons, such as faulty lift cables, discontinued tracks, misaligned or bent tracks, and damaged rollers. Once your garage door slips off track, contact an expert to fix it. For more information on garage door repair, contact a professional near you.